Sutton Valence Super Slide Saturday

Water slide pic for FB event Hello!

Tickets for the Water slide on 16th July 2016 will be on sale exclusively here on the QHOF Website from February 1st.

Demand is expected to be high so please call back then to book your place on the UK’s longest water slide and remember all proceeds go to local charities!


37th Annual Sutton Valence Pram Race

2016 – a new year and the 37th Annual Sutton Valence Pram race!

Thanks to those who turned out in their thousands to watch and to donate to local charities. We hope you enjoy this short video that goes some way to capturing the atmosphere of this very special event.

Kent Online coverage of the race here: 2016 Pram Race

Happy New Year!

Christmas Tree!

John Starns Photography-8697

Over the course of the last few Sunday mornings, members of QHOF have been meeting to install posts and lights in Lambe’s gardens, to bring a much needed dose of Christmas cheer to Sutton Valence for the festive season.

Today saw the arrival of the Christmas tree, erected and festooned with lights ready for the Carols on the Green on Friday 11th December.John Starns Photography-comp2John Starns Photography-8705comp1
John Starns Photography-8742
John Starns Photography-8805


Photographs by

Remembrance Day Parade 2015

Cross on War memorial Sutton Valence 2015

Today QHOF members were very proud to once again marshal the Sutton Valence Remembrance Day Parade to honour those killed in two World Wars.

This involved co-ordinating and implementing the closure of roads around the memorial site and ensuring the safe passage of those who came to pay their respects to the fallen.

More information about Remembrance Day can be found on the British Legion website.

All photographs by John Starns Photography

Remembrance day service Sutton Valence 2015
War memorial Sutton Valence 2015
Bugler Remembrance Sunday Sutton Valence 2015
Remembrance Sunday Service Sutton Valence 2015
Remembrance Sunday Service Sutton Valence 2015
Remembrance Sunday Service Sutton Valence 2015
Remembrance Sunday Service Sutton Valence 2015
Wreaths on War memorial Sutton Valence 2015

Do you know of a deserving cause within the three Suttons?  Please contact us via the form below or the QHOF Box in the Queen’s Head, Sutton Valence 

*We like to publicise our good deeds via the website and the noticeboard at The Queens Head, but if you’d prefer us not to, please let us know in the box below. 

ABOUT The Queens Head Oddfellows Fund

The Queens Head Oddfellows Fund (or QHOF for short) are a group of like-minded individuals who meet on a once-monthly basis to organise fund-raising events within the Three Suttons (Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton and East Sutton) Kent.  

All proceeds are donated to local worthy causes and residents of the Three Suttons are warmly invited to submit applications for support to the Queens Head, Sutton Valence.

QHOF has made extraordinary donations to a wide range of causes in the past decade.  It has bought mobility scooters for pensioners, purchased gravestones, bought sports strips for local schools and, with the proceeds from the 2011 Street Party, contributed a significant sum towards the completion of the Sutton Valence Play Area.

QHOF are: Ian Betts, Andrew Beavis, Steve Lynam, John Starns, Jonathan Worsfold, Alex Suters, Lyndon Davies, Dominic Stafford Uglow, Stuart Greasley, Graham Edmed, Ian Robinson, Dave Ewen, Ray Butler and Brian Wright.

QHOF Pram Race 2015

John Starns Photography-6283cropped

The QHOF Sutton Valence Pram Race has been held on New Year’s Day for more than quarter of a century and has raised significant amounts of money for both local and national causes.

Spectators come from throughout the surrounding countryside and the race is regularly featured in the local media.

Two races are run.  A Veterans’ Race, for competitors over the age of 45 and a Main Race.

The three-contestant teams dress is a variety of bizarre costumes of their own creation.  Two members of the team push the third member (always named thee ‘baby’) around  the course in a themed ‘pram’ or go-cart, stopping to drink a half pint of beer at each of the four public houses that line the route.

2015 Race photographs can be viewed here – enjoy!