The Queens Head Oddfellows Fund (or QHOF for short) are a group of like-minded individuals who meet on a once-monthly basis to organise fundraising events within the Three Suttons (Sutton Valence, Chart Sutton and East Sutton) Kent.  

All proceeds are donated to local worthy causes and residents of the Three Suttons are warmly invited to submit applications for support to the Queens Head, Sutton Valence or contact us. Click below for our contact details.

QHOF has made extraordinary donations to a wide range of causes in the past decade.  It has bought mobility scooters for pensioners, purchased gravestones, bought sports strips for local schools and, with the proceeds from the 2011 Street Party, contributed a significant sum towards the completion of the Sutton Valence Play Area.

QHOF are: Ian Betts, Andrew Beavis, Steve Lynam, John Starns, Jonathan Worsfold, Alex Suters, Lyndon Davies, Dominic Stafford Uglow, Stuart Greasley, Graham Edmed, Ian Robinson, Dave Ewen, Ray Butler and Brian Wright.

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