QHOF Ball 2016

On Saturday 6th August QHOF hosted their immensely popular ball for 250 guests.

This year the ball was in aid of local charity Hayley’s Heroes who offer young adults with cancer and their close family and friends a helping hand when they need it and to let them know that they are not alone in their fight.

We are still counting the pennies at the moment, but are confident that we have raised a significant sum for this very deserving local cause.

Here are a few photographs from the evening – enjoy!

John Starns Photography-4902 John Starns Photography-4906 John Starns Photography-4919 John Starns Photography-4926 John Starns Photography-4954 John Starns Photography-4946 John Starns Photography-4964 John Starns Photography-4980 John Starns Photography-5002 John Starns Photography-4986 John Starns Photography-5000 John Starns Photography-4996 John Starns Photography-4994 John Starns Photography-4999 John Starns Photography-4983


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